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Unbound and Binding 2020

Who do we become when we envision a world with no ceilings? And how do we get there? When I think of those nebulous concepts of “equity” and “freedom,” I  think about all of the young people in my life--the ones I’ve well-meaningly told to take their hoodies down, to cap their hope, imagination, and ambition; to make their world smaller, because only so much is possible for people who look like them. Unbound (left) and Binding (right) are my apologies to them. They affirm that oppression is only the beginning of the story, and our communities binding together and actively fighting against it, are what define that story. We have the opportunity of looking at the people before us who fought to get us to where we are today to garner some hope from their achievements. We can work to set the foundation for those who come after us so that, eventually, this process of freeing ourselves from the things that bind us will be complete. 

These pieces were commissioned by Present Day on Main coffee shop to redesign their indoor space.


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